Documentary & Portrait Photographer.

Ioannis showed signs as a child that he was intrigued by the camera, all starting with his first fisher price 111 Kodak (blue) which created an intriguingly unfocused and somewhat blurry image, nonetheless was enough of a tool to spark in him a keen interest in picture taking.

Twenty years later Ioannis graduated with a Bachelors degree in photography & training at the University for the Creative Arts in Farnham.

His portfolio displays an array of fashion & portraiture work from a digital and print space and has featured in numerous national & international publications.

His photography is centred around the study and intrigue of everyday life, people, culture, relationships, and environments.

His intimate style with his subject and perception comes from a place of honesty, deep curiosity, and consideration.

This is evident in every piece of work commissioned and reflects his skills and artistry complemented further with analogue film.

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Ioannis Koussertari Profile Pic - Image taken in Bali on assignment